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Last Updated on: 09 Oct, 2021

SQL Server Setup


A Helpful Video By David Langer Before You Begin

1) Server Setup

  1. Donwload SQL Server Dveloper Edition
  2. Meanwhile, download database we wold be working with
  3. Save the downloaded ".BAK" in a desired folder, under C Drive, where you want to keep all your databases
  4. Open the downloaded SQL Server and install it
  5. After installation, press win-key and search SSMS, and open it
  6. Click on connect and wait till SSMS opens up ssms_window
  7. On RHS, right click on Database and left click on Restore Database
  8. Click on "Device" option and then click on 3-dots adjacent to it ssms_window
  9. Click on "Add" button and then navigate to the folder where you stored the downloaded file (Step2)
  10. Click OK, and now we're ready to begin querying, in the database we just included, as visible in LHS side of the SSMS window under Database
  11. Righ click on DB name(AdventureWorksDW2017 in our case ), goto 'Tables' adn right click on a table and select ssms_window
  12. Type in your query, select the lines you would like to run, press "F5" to execute the selected lines
  13. That's it. Happy Querying!!!

To save battery being consumer by SSMS server, when you're not using it, close the SSMS server services:

  1. Press Win-Key and search Services
  2. Scroll down and go to SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER)
  3. Right click on it, and 'stop' it
  4. Next time, before launching SSMS, come back here, right click and 'start' it